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Sound Proofing

Portable Acoustic Barrier Systems

TV Studio Group install a variety of acoustic treatments for both permanent and temporary structures that require protection from outside noise pollution or  sound absorption to remove echo or reverb within large buildings with hard or reflective surfaces. Our retro fit portable and reusable system is made of fire retardant materials that are non-combustable that do not melt or drip during a fire, this purpose built material offers unparalleled levels of protection that cannot be claimed by suppliers of some alternative sound absorption systems.

Acoustic Treatments | TV Studio Group

Our specialist acoustic and thermal composite barrier system used for temporary structures is brand new technology and makes a massive difference in the control of noise pollution from outside sources or when keeping noise within. These systems improve sound quality and acoustics within a permanent or temporary structure, are scaleable in terms of design to either insulate or absorb sound and can be retro-fit, removed and reused elsewhere or for each production as you see fit. 

At just 1.7kg/m2, increases the overall composite value to an average SRI of 23dB an overall improvement of 13dB against previous solutions creating a significant acoustic insulation and sound reduction in all frequency ranges. This easy fitting/removal system enables multiple reuse, with double layer option to further improve values suitable for acoustic and thermal protection for gable, roof and wall surfaces in temporary structures. For a more permanent acoustic treatment or sound proofing system please view Internal Fit Outs.

Thermal qualities 

Acoustic Drape - Heat and Flame ResistantPVC (FR) face consists of a foil glass cloth with a reflective back surface to provide a vapour or condensation barrier temporary structures offering a wipe clean and highly effective thermal barrier within only 50mm insulated interior.   

Thermal Layer - Chilled Storage Material
Thermal Layer - Wipe Down Material